Introducing Cloud Finance

Cloud Finance
2 min readApr 7, 2022


Cloud Finance is a cutting edge Defi application including Cloud Auto-Staking Protocol (CAP), another monetary convention that gives straightforward, safe, and effective compensations to the $CLOUD token holders with a sustainable fixed compound interest model.

Cloud is an organization centered around DeFi development that makes advantages and an incentive for $CLOUD token holders. Our CAP convention that is utilized inside the $CLOUD token awards remarkable advantages for holders of $CLOUD:

  • High Fixed APY — Cloud pays out at 152,999.99% (~2% daily) which rivals anything in the DeFi field to date.
  • Easy-to-use — No need to worry about compounding or claiming. All interest yields are directly paid into your wallet.
  • Controlled Emissions — To control token outflow, we have introduced a tax assessment guideline (more in the upcoming Tokenomics article).
  • Simple and Safe Staking — The $CLOUD token generally remains in your wallet so it shouldn’t be placed under the control of an outsider or brought together power. You should simply purchase and hold as you naturally get compensations in your own wallet so there’s not any more confounded marking processes by any means.
  • Strong Team — The group has a ton of aspiration. Our group comprises of individuals who have worked with huge protocols previously and comprehend how to boostrap and manage liquidity. Fundamentally, your liquidity is used to earn more liquidity for the protocol. Yield upon yield upon yield.
    During our different journeys in Defi, we have all acquired a large network of influential people in the ecosystem, which will naturally allow us to market our project on the long term.
  • Fast Rewards — CAP pays each $CLOUD Token holder every single 30 minutes or 48 times every day, making it one of the quickest auto-compounding protocol in crypto.
  • Security — doxxed team, multi-sig… more informations about our security measures below.

Our dev team has facilitated these components together so they work flawlessly in the background. The outcome is a basic and exquisite marking and rewards framework for all $CLOUD holders.

Cloud Finance IDO

There will be 400–450 WL spots to get at starting. Obviously this number will develop following the growth of the project.

Whitelisted individuals will get to the presale and purchase $CLOUD at a limited cost of $0.00001 for each $CLOUD with a maximum purchase of $500 during 24-hours.

  • WL Spots: 400–450
  • Allocation: $500 max. per wallet
  • Presale Price: $0.00001
  • Listing Price: Price will be the same as Presale price

We will give you more informations on how to get whitelisted in the upcoming article and on our social networks.


  • Team Doxxed — All team members are doxxed on Twitter
  • Multi-signature wallet — We will use Gnosis Safe to secure all our contracts.
  • Website Protection & DDOS Mitigation from CloudFlare